802 Honda Staff Directory

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  • Bentley
    Chief Dog

    Hi, my name is Bentley and I am the "Chief Dog" at 802 Honda.  I don't take the title too seriously so all canines are welcome here.  Australian Shepherds are notoriously quirky and I am no exception although I prefer to think of myself as a unique individual.   I am extremely friendly so please come and pet me.  Warning, I can't seem to stop myself from kissing just about everyone I meet.  I am always hungry and may seem like I want your donut, but I am on a diet so please don't feed me.

    I want to meet you all!


    Bentley's Bio:

    Bentley lives in the Champlain Islands with his people, the Birminghams.  He is a rescue dog from Aussie Rescue and is four years old.  He is truly one of the friendliest dogs around and seems to love every man, woman, child, cat, dog and you name it.  When Bentley is not working his favorite place is Niquette Bay State Park running the trails.

  • Kevin Bowie
    General Manager

  • Eric Bashaw
    Sales Manager
    (802) 391-3461

    Eric Bashaw is a father of two who has been married to his wife for 19 years, while working at 802 Honda for 24. He loves to play sports, especially baseball, so understandably his favorite movie is Jerry Maguire. Eric's favorite song is Piano Man, but the best concert he's ever been to was AC/DC. His first job was as a paper boy, but now Eric loves selling cars because of "the quality of the car, great staff and many years of great customers!"

  • Jon Cassel
    Sales Manager
    (802) 391-3453

    Jon is originally from Long Island, New York, and has been in the car business for just over 10 years. He currently resides in Barre with his wife and two children, and in his free time enjoys snowmobiling and kayaking. The most rewarding part of the job for Jon is assisting customers in achieving the goal of getting into the vehicle they want at a price they can afford, all while keeping their vehicle protected!

  • Aaron Root
    Finance Manager
    (802) 391-3459

  • Shane Sheeran
    Finance Manager
    (802) 391-3465

    Shane grew up in Sydney, Australia, but has been coming to the US since 1999. Besides living in Vermont and Australia, he has lived in Colorado, London, and Vancouver. One of the things he misses most about Sydney is his favorite beer, Tooheys Extra Dry, which is not available in the US. He loves a nice steak from J. Morgan's Steakhouse in Montpelier, VT. He taught snowboarding for 10 years in Vail and it is still one of his favorite sports. Shane is married and has two little girls, Bridget and Ruby.

  • Doug Allen
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    (802) 391-3462

  • Melody Lacroix
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

    If Melody were a car, she says she'd be the Honda CRV because it is simple, loyal and hardworking, but also lots of fun to drive! If you can guess, that's also the car she owns. Melody has a granddaughter named Hailey, also known as Bugaboo Brickey (the star of her life), and she has a cat named Max and a dog named Lucy. She has lots of gardens and loves flowers, and her favorite Vermont destination is her home. Why does Melody love working at 802 Honda? "By far the thing I love most about this dealership is our customers. We have some of the best people that come here. And what's really cool, lots of them bring their really cool dogs with them! 802 Honda has gone to the dogs!"

  • Jesse Bennett
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

    Jesse is from Huntington and currently resides in East Montpelier with his girlfriend Sarah, their 4 children and one cat named Daisy. He enjoys hiking, riding his mountain bike, and spending time at the beach with the kids. His favorite meal is mashed potatoes, pork chops and corn on the cob. Jesse has loved Honda vehicles since he was a young boy, so seeing people smile when he sells them one of their own is what motivates him every day!

  • Christine Davis
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    (802) 391-3474

    I have been at 802 Honda for over a year.  My 2 cats and 1 dog welcome me home everyday.  My favorite part of my job is the relationships we get to create with our awesome customers.  The Accord will be my vehicle of choice for my driveway soon.  Call any time to schedule a test drive.

  • Mark Lewis
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    (802) 391-3456

    I am a native of Vermont and a local graduate of Montpelier High School. I have been a salesperson at the dealership here for 15 years. Living here all my life in Vermont and having been very active in sports over the past years have enabled me to interact with many different communities around the state to help in better understanding of their automotive needs.

    I invite you to come in to see me to show you what we have to offer at 802 Honda. It is a great place to do business with a very strong family atmosphere. I am very confident you will enjoy your experience.

    Have a great day!

  • Brandon Marshall
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

    Brandon is originally from East Montpelier and currently resides in South Barre. Sarduccis is his favorite restaurant in the area and his favorite movie is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. He is an avid gamer and enjoys snowboarding. His favorite Vermont craft beer is Switchback. Brandon takes pride in his ability to provide excellent customer service, and feels that this is the most important aspect of the business.

  • Carol Saberin-Tener
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    (802) 391-3458

  • Ben Toro
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    (802) 391-3464

  • Brian Laroche
    Service Manager
    (802) 391-3465

  • Caleb Mix
    Service Advisor
    (802) 391-3468

  • Dan Provost
    Service Advisor

  • Travis Isabelle
    Service Advisor

  • Samara Owen
    Parts Manager
    (802) 391-3469

  • Trevor Cote
    Honda Parts

  • Nick Billings
    Honda Parts

  • Rita Jenkins
    (802) 391-3454

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  • Deb Phinney
    (802) 391-3453

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  • Becca Richardson
    (802) 391-3451

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