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Sales & Customer Service

Managing Partner
(802) 391-3457

More information on Steve is coming soon!

In the meantime please be in touch with Steve if you have any questions or concerns about your experience at the dealership.

Francis Dowling
Finance Manager

General Sales Manager
(802) 391-3453

Jon is originally from Long Island, New York, and has been in the car business for just over 10 years. He currently resides in Barre with his wife and two children, and in his free time enjoys snowmobiling and kayaking. The most rewarding part of the job for Jon is assisting customers in achieving the goal of getting into the vehicle they want at a price they can afford, all while keeping their vehicle protected!

Sales Manager
(802) 391-3461

Eric Bashaw is a father of two who has been married to his wife for 23 years, while working at 802 Honda for 27. He loves to play sports, especially baseball, so understandably his favorite movie is Jerry Maguire. Eric's favorite song is Piano Man, but the best concert he's ever been to was AC/DC. His first job was as a paper boy, but now Eric loves selling cars because of "the quality of the car, great staff and many years of great customers!"

Finance Manager
(802) 391-3465

Shane grew up in Sydney, Australia, but has been coming to the US since 1999. Besides living in Vermont and Australia, he has lived in Colorado, London, and Vancouver. One of the things he misses most about Sydney is his favorite beer, Tooheys Extra Dry, which is not available in the US. He loves a nice steak from J. Morgan's Steakhouse in Montpelier, VT. He taught snowboarding for 10 years in Vail and it is still one of his favorite sports. Shane is married and has two little girls, Bridget and Ruby.

Sales & Leasing Consultant
(802) 391-3462

Sales and Leasing Consultant

Nikola grew up in the deserts of Arizona and moved here to Vermont just over four years ago. Although the weather change took some getting used to, Nikola is adamant that he'd now take -40 degrees over 120 degrees any day. He loves being surrounded by all the green and outdoor adventures that Vermont has to offer and has fully embraced his new home. On his days off he can usually be found kayaking on the river or lake hoping to pull in anything that bites on his line. Nikola also has a girlfriend and black lab mix puppy named Sirius that love to welcome him home after a long day at work!

Sales & Leasing Consultant

Jesse is from Huntington and currently resides in East Montpelier with his girlfriend Sarah, their 4 children and one cat named Daisy. He enjoys hiking, riding his mountain bike, and spending time at the beach with the kids. His favorite meal is mashed potatoes, pork chops and corn on the cob. Jesse has loved Honda vehicles since he was a young boy, so seeing people smile when he sells them one of their own is what motivates him every day!

Sales & Leasing Consultant

Shellie Edmunds has been with 802 Honda since early 2020. She loves helping Vermonters get around Vermont and working with her amazing teammates.  Her knack for creative problem solving is her ticket to thriving here. Corporate ethics, sustainability, and community involvement are the other major components that led her to 802 Honda.

She loves traveling to her "hometown", Tallahassee, FL-- especially in the middle of VT winter!

Other favorite pastimes include reading, hiking with her dog, Beau.As a sommelier, creating new cocktails, trying a new wine, cooking, and being with friends are the spice of life.

She left the MBA program at Florida A&M University in 2009 to pursue  her passion through certification at the Court of Master Sommeliers and spent a total 15 years in the hospitality industry across Florida, and then in Boston, managing restaurants and beverage programs. Her favorite restaurant is Hen of the Wood.

Being of the practical type, if stranded on a desert island Shellie would bring with her a mosquito net, matches and a  knife. On her days off she can be found near a river and her dog (Beau), where they are as happy as can be.

Sales & Leasing Consultant
(802) 391-3456

I am a native of Vermont and a local graduate of Montpelier High School. I have been a salesperson at the dealership here for 15 years. Living here all my life in Vermont and having been very active in sports over the past years have enabled me to interact with many different communities around the state to help in better understanding of their automotive needs.

I invite you to come in to see me to show you what we have to offer at 802 Honda. It is a great place to do business with a very strong family atmosphere. I am very confident you will enjoy your experience.

Have a great day!

Sales & Leasing Consultant

Sales & Leasing Consultant
(802) 391-3458

Carol Saberin-Tener has been with us since 2016. She loves 802 Honda because of the flexible schedule, her amazing teammates and because she gets to help Vermonters get around Vermont.

Though she has been to MD, PA,DC, SWEDEN, GERMANY, when it comes to traveling, Carol would prefer to be In the mountains or on the lake.She enjoys lots of Vermont's beloved activities including swimming, Biking, Skiing or inside reading or baking when it's raining. 

Carol graduated from Vermont Tech Class of 2016 with a Bachelors degree in Business Management and Technology. Previous jobs include ski and swim coaching/training and management in Recreation profession.

When it comes to comfort food, Carol adores a good tomato soup and grilled cheese. Almost all outdoor enthusiasts and great cooks. In her days off, she can be found with her husband, A boat, and a fishing pole or in the woods. She is allergic to furry things but has a goldfish. She and her husband have lots of kids, some his, some hers and of course some borrowed. With a big family, they have13 grandkids and 1 great grandkid.

Sales Consultant



Parts & Service

Samara Owen
Parts Manager
(802) 391-3469

Nick Billings
Honda Parts
(802) 391-3471

Nicholas Billings has been at 802 Honda since March 26th, 2018 He likes working at 802 Honda because the people and atmosphere are pleasant.

As a certified permaculture designer, Nick's favorite place to be is at the barn with his cows, sheep, turkeys, ducks, chickens & quail.

Nick is of the creative type who likes to make things whether it be with food, wood. metal or yarn. He also enjoys fishing, hunting and most outdoor activities. He went to school at Northfield HS and Randolph Tech Center but spent part of his life living in Maine.

Like a true country boy, his favorite meal is tasty delicious homemade one. If stranded on a desert island, Nick would take with him a cooking pot, knife, and a tarp for shelter. On his days off he can be found at the barn with his cows or at home working on a project.

Troy Michaud
Parts Counter Associate

Brian Laroche
Service Manager
(802) 391-3472

Mike Averill
Service Advisor

Michael Douglas
Service Advisor

Michael Douglas is a people person, thru and thru. He joined 802 Honda because he loves the team and the people-centered atmosphere here. As a DJ and 23-year veteran of the wine industry, he's quite literally the life of the party!

A family man, he is happily married to his wife Heather. They have 2 girls, and 4 Cats (Greyson, Gabriel, Oliver and Rowan). He likes taking his family to Disney World for vacation. 

In his spare time, Michael loves DJing a party or swimming in Vermont's waters. He is a lover of all Italian food, music, and cornhole. 

Dan Provost
Service Advisor

Amy Richburg
Service Advisor

Amy Richburg has been with 802 Honda since 2018. She loves 802 Honda because her co-workers make everyday fun and  the customers are great to work with. She grately appreciates how the company really values it's teammates.

In her travels she prefers to be near the ocean which has always been the best place for her to relax and have fun.

Amy is an avid photographer and also enjoys, playing tennis, riding her motorcycle and spending time with family and close friends.

She graduated from Randolph Union High School, attended Norwich University for two years with a major in Architecture then got her associates degree in Business Administration from Southern New Hampshire University. Prior to 802 Honda she previously worked at a Harley-Davidson Dealership, Topnotch Resort in Stowe, and Twin City Subaru.

Born and raised in Vermont Sarducci's has been a long time favorite for a celebratory meal out with family or friends. She also loves having lobster on summer trips to maine.

If stranded on a desert island without cell service or internet access, she  would go with the survival necessities of a knife, rope and matches/a lighter.

In her days off, she can be found at home doing chores, out running errands, or spending time with friends.

Amy has 2 dogs who are considered more like children than pets. Her family is spread across the country, with her  parents and sister in Southern Maine and New Hampshire to and her cousins in Northern California, Utah and Texas. Her family has also previously hosted exchange students from Ecuador and France, both of which they are still in-touch with and try to visit every few years either here in the States or in their home country.


Support Staff

Human Resources

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Staff Accountant
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