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Are you in the final stretch of your Honda lease? It's important to know your options as you prepare to reach your lease expiration date. The 802 Honda team is here to help you choose your best option and keep the process speedy and simple.

First, prepare for vehicle for lease return.

Examine your vehicle for possible excessive wear and tear and make any necessary repairs - otherwise it may cost you a surcharge upon your lease return. If you do think your vehicle has excessive use, be sure to contact us, and we'll provide you with a complimentary inspection. You will want to do this 15 to 60 days before your lease maturity date.

End-of-Lease Options

Option 1:

Select a new Honda
Browse through the Honda inventory at or visit our dealership to find your next Honda. Whether you lease again or buy, 802 Honda Finance has financing options available for you.

Option 2:

Purchase your Honda
If you'd like to stay in the Honda you're currently driving, just call us at 802-223-9700 and we'll tell you how you can purchase your leased vehicle. 

Option 3:

Simply turn in your Honda
Below is a step-by-step guide to help you with the lease turn-in process.

Turning In Your Honda

These instructions will help ensure returning your Honda is easy and efficient. 

1. Two to three months before your final payment:
  • Contact 802 Honda to discuss the process for returning your vehicle & schedule your complimentary lease return inspection.

3. On your turn-in day:

Make sure your vehicle is ready to turn in. 
  • All keys to the vehicle
  • Owner's Manual and maintenance records
  • Vehicle Inspection Report 
  • Receipts for completed repairs

4. Within 1 business day after returning your vehicle: 

Contact the Honda Lease Maturity Center at 1-800-708-6555 to inform them that you have returned your vehicle.

5. In regards to your lease payments: 

If all payments have been made, your call will initiate the completion process for your lease account, and you will no longer receive a regular monthly billing statement.

If you have payments remaining on your account, you are responsible for making them. If your dealer has agreed to make the final payments, follow up with your dealer to ensure they are made on time.

If any end-of-term liabilities apply, these items will be billed at a later time.


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